When to talk about past relationships when dating

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Silence about a former lover can indicate lack of closure.

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I'd appreciate some perspective from those who've successfully had "the ex talk." Is this a conversation worth bringing up with him again?There’s no way to know for sure without talking to your partner about your concerns.But how do you know when you need to have that talk?I guess I'd like to be able to give him these snapshots of my past relationships to let him know the only value I hold in them is that they helped me realize how completely great I've got it now. You also want to avoid finding out about his past from other people.As you meet more friends and family, someone's bound to mention an ex or lack thereof. Let him know that details aren't required – you're not asking for a narrative of his dating life (where he's had sex, how many times he swiped right, or psychical descriptions).

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