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This enables you to "lock in" your desired profit on a winning position.

Stop/Loss Orders A stop/loss order instructs the system to automatically exit a position when your maximum loss limit has been hit.

Support and Resistance are important in range bound markets because they indicate the boundaries where the market tends to change direction.

Technical Analysis uses charts to try to forecast future currency prices by studying past market movements.Using this technique, a trader has the ability to simultaneously monitor multiple currency pairs by evaluating how others are trading a particular currency.In our experience, because so many traders use technical analysis, and their reaction to market activity tends to be similar, the validity of this technique is strengthened.For example, if you use a 100 pip Limit Order with a 30 pip Stop/Loss Order on all your positions, then you only to be right 1/3 of the time to make a profit.Where you place your Limit and Stop/Loss Orders will depend on your risk tolerance. If a Stop/Loss Order is too close to the opening position price, it can be triggered by normal market volatility.

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